Spring show 3, 4 and 5 April 2020 CANCELLED!  




Springtime show on 3, 4 and 5 April 2020   -  1 Feb 2020

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Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Those days several demo motor yachts and used boats will be displayed at SK Jachtbouw.

Oude Oppenhuizerweg 29, 8606 JA Sneek




Impression of SK Kotter 1250 Sedan in "WasserSport"   -  25 okt 2017

The German magazine "WasserSport" publised in their November issue an impression of the SK Kotter 1250 Sedan.



NEW SK Kotter Sedan   -  12 Aug 2016

The big difference between the new SK Kotter 1250 Sedan and the previous model is the large bathing platform which has a door that leads to the hull and which has steps to the gangways. The cockpit has been designed with a fixed steel roof and has been equipped with a corner couch on the larboard side.

The salon continues to the front, which makes it extra big. At the front of the salon, on the larboard side, one will find the wheelstand with a two-sit steering couch. On the starboard side – one step down – the kitchen is found.


NOVELTY : SK Kotter Pilot 1350   -  okt 2015

A new member of the ‘SK-family’. Its measurements (lxwxd) are 13.70 x 4.43 x 1.15 metres and its air draught is 2.75 metres.

The semi-underwatership has been built with multichine. The semi-underwatership has been built with multichine and it will be CE certified in design category B. The bow has a large owner’s cabin with a French bed, four ample wardrobes and two large drawers under the bed. The bathroom and toilet are separate. The large galley with dinner table has a door to the guests’ cabin and contains two single beds.

Upper level : In this ship the floors of the salon and the hull have been placed on a higher level. This will result in splendid views all around for the travellers as well as more height in the guests’ cabin and in the storage room next door. The latter will have room for equipment such as a washing machine and a drier.

The salon contains a U-shaped lounge couch, two armchairs, a wheel stand and four doors which open onto the hull which is siuated on the same level as the salon. The hull couch has a large storage room.

The ship is propelled by a 5-cylinder Volvo Penta diesel engine of 150 horse power. The propeller shaft and the engine turn around in the ratio of 1:3. This leads to the screw propeller turning at a maximum speed of 1,000 rounds per minute, which results in a very smooth way of sailing.

The hull has been provided with a couch which covers the entire width and it has two side doors, so that one no longer needs to step over the edge of the hull in order to cross it. The ship has been provided with a modern interior, built with walnut which has many light surfaces and stainless steel tones.

In the salon all passengers have splendid views all round. The hull and the salon combined are one large room when the 4 hull dors are open. The ship’s interior is of walnut with, among other aspects, a cabin for two guests and a storage room for e.g. a washing machine and a drier.

Trial run is possible by appointment.


Collaboration SK jachtbouw and FS yachting from Duisburg   -  sep 2015

SK jachtbouw uit Sneek en FS yachting uit Duisburg gaan in de toekomst samen werken met als doel elkaar, op zowel technisch- als commercieel vlak aan te vullen.Beide bedrijven hebben hun oorsprong in de beroepsvaart.

SK Jachtbouw heeft als basis de SK Kotter die als Sedan, Pilot, AC en Cabrio leverbaar is, in een lengte variërend van 10,50 tot 15,50 m. Daarnaast zijn er ook meerdere One Offs gemaakt. FS Yachting richt zich meer op de technische installaties waarvan de Experience 1500 een prachtig resultaat is. Tijdens de Motorboot Sneek Show op 30 en 31 oktober en 1 november zullen beide bedrijven zich gezamenlijk presenteren.

Naast een zevental jong gebruikte schepen toont SK Jachtbouw een nieuwe SK Kotter 1350 Pilot en FS Yachting showt de Experience 1500 die met alle mogelijke gemakken is uitgerust.


The fourth issue of the SK Journal is available   -  March 2015

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"Bird-eye" video : 50 SK Kotters sailing to IJlst, through Sneek


"Bird-eye" video   -  28 Jan 2015


Online picture book of the 40-year anniversary   -  28 January 2015

In 2014 we celebrated our 40th anniversary. We cherish the fond memories of a great anniversary party and for that reason we created a picture book which we would like to share with you.


Short "bird-eye" video of our 40-year anniversary in May 2014 when 50 SK Kotters visited us.


"Bird-eye" video   -  30 Dec 2014


A light-hearted view at the interior   -  15 Oct. 2014

At SK Jachtbouw customers are given a number of choices which is above average when it comes down to the arrangements and interior of their new ships. The photos of this feature show a strong preference for light shades of the interior of a new SK Kotter Pilot.


“Ever so many people and 50 ships at our anniversary feels like a big compliment.”   -  3 Jun. 2014

With all our hearts we would like to thank all people who participated at and contributed to our anniversary! We consider it an exceptionally successful event in every aspect. We could go on forever, however, we let the pictures below speak for themselves..

A festive welcome speech by Tjerk Tuinstra & Betsy Westerhuis


Interview Omrop Fryslân at SK Jachtbouw   -  31 May 2014

Reporter Dirk Baron of Omrop Fryslân interviewed Tjerk Tuinstra, Hein Sleven (vice president of SK Fleet Club) and the owner of SK Kotter “Warana” during the festivities of the 40th anniversary.


The third issue of the SK Journal is available:
a special anniversary issue   -  March 2014

This issue of the SK Journal especially deals with the 40th anniversary of SK Jachtbouw that will be celebrated in 2014.

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The SK Vlet that has been adapted to wheelchair users   -  may 2013

On Saturday 25 May 2013 an adjusted SK Vlet was officially inaugurated, assisted by bavo Galema. On board of the steel vlet, which is 8 metres long, there is room for three electric wheelchairs and seven passengers. The Edwin foundation (www.edwinstichting.nl) is the owner and will organise cruises with the SK Vlet and have handicapped people on board.

The SK Vlet is equipped with an electric/hydraulic scissor lift and a special door in the hull, so that the wheelchair users can embark and disembark easily whether the landing is high or low.



The second issue of the SK Journal is available   -  April 2013

This issue of the SK Journal deals with the adapted SK Vlet which is suitable for a number of wheelchairs. It also deals with a round-bilge cutter (kotter) with an open cockpit & a beautiful “SK signature”, exciting cruise stories by owners of SK motor yachts, and so on...

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The first issue of the SK Journal is available   -  apr 2012



SK Jachtbouw is the first builder to be given a TDS certificate   -  1 Dec. 2008

SK Jachtbouw in Sneek is the first builder of steel motor yachts to receive a TDS certificate (Technical Dossier System), issued by the European Certification Bureau Nederland BV (ECB). The test schedule deals with all administrative requirements that are part of the Pleasure Boats Law. The TDS certificate officially certifies that SK Jachtbouw treats its products and clients well.

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