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A really tough guy. All SK motor yachts show a sturdy interior, each and everyone of them. However, the Pilot is the sturdiest of them all. It looks like on of those ships of the emergency teams. Therefore, it is very suitable for those who spend a lot of time on the water. The salon brings the big advantage, because it has been furnished as the steering cabin. Instead of directing the L-shaped couch toward the hull it has been built on a higher level inside the SK Kotter Pilot, so that… » Read more

so that all passengers’ views, too, are directed to the front and thus they can sail along with the boatman.

Another advantage of the couch being on a higher level is the fact that it leaves room for a guests cabin, which can be accessed through a door in the galley.

Other than that the SK Kotter Pilot looks very much like the SK Kotter Sedan. In the bow you will find the galley, a spacious dinner table and the owner’s cabin with a separate toilet as well as a bathroom which has a shower.

Exterior / interior Pilot


Arrangements   1050 - 1150 - 1250 - 1350 - 1450

Those types which are at least 12.5 metres long have been equipped with a guests cabin underneath a platform in the floor of the salon, by default. In case of the SK Kotter Pilot, which is 11.5 metres long, this is optional.

Interior, contemporary


Interior, classic


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