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Because of the shape of this underwater ship, the SK Vlet has a much more stable position in the water than most of the sloops. In order to step onto the corridor one hardly has to go up. The corridors are wide, so that you can easily walk to the foredeck. An SK Vlet is for those people who wish to have comfort and stability on board, and who do not worry about the durability of a steel ship. A considerable number of experts already made their choice. Most of the times the SK Vlet models have... » Read more

...the SK Vlet models have been provided with a so-called “sun deck” at the front and a tent that can be shared. The design of this ship allows you to perfectly spend the night on board with two more persons, so that you could make longer cruises which take several days each – as well as day trips.

Because of its low air draught and the depth of the ship’s hull, the SK Vlet is perfectly suitable for trips on the narrow ditches and short cruises. In Friesland, for example, one could go to places you may never have thought possible.


SK Vlet 800 (all seasons)


SK Vlet 800 (for wheelchair)


SK Vlet 700 - 800 - 900 - 1000


SK Sloep 1000 (“sharp”)


SK Vlet 750 (work vlet)


SK Vlet 750 with a cabin



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